The Whaley House

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The Whaley House
The Whaley House

I did a self guided tour of the Whaley House after my interest was piqued the night before during the San Diego Ghost Tour. They have several options to see the house- one, a self guided tour, a night time tour, and a ghost hunting tour. I got there when it opened at 10 am sharp so that I could be sure to get some uninterrupted time there photographing. 

The Whaley house was not only a family home, but also a bilingual general store, a courthouse, and the first theater in San Diego. 

Thomas Whalen and his family members.

The courthouse was used for years after the Whaleys passed and still sometimes used ceremoniously.

This room hosts items that would have been sold at the time that the Whaley's lived there. It sold medicines, thread, lamps, and other odds and ends.

And of course it sold guns, it was the Wild West after all!

This is an assortment of items that the Whaley's would have had in their home or shop.

In their kitchen area

The parlor area. Supposedly ghosts have been seen underneath the archway separating the room. 

Upstairs was the first public theater in San Diego. In modern times, they play something of a video loop of plays that might have run there.

I love the piano and the row of seats.

This room was the nursery. This doll in the corner creeps me out!

The below image is the parent's room.

Admittedly, this was where I got a sudden intense headache that went away when I walked away from there. When I left the Whaley House, they asked me if I experienced anything, and I told them that. They were like, well, I'm glad you got something.

There is also a room upstairs that has some of their personal belongings- university students did an archeological dig on the grounds and found 10,000 objects belonging to them, because before there were trash collectors, people would bury their garbage.

I was taken by the curtains and the light from inside and outside the house.

This is a rebuilt recreation of where the Whaley daughter shot herself in the chest after a failed marriage that ended in divorce. Unfortunately she missed her heart and did not die for another week.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the Whaley House and getting to spend time by myself taking photographs at will. It really is so interesting how historic homes are designated as haunted- I wonder if it's a way to get tourist dollars there, or if there really is several verified sightings, or...I guess we'll never really know.

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